Things made with love, are things well done!

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DIEZ CON QUINCE is a project born from love, love from working people, people who care, people who is passionate in every kiss, from good deep love, from love to a great taste.

DIEZ CON QUINCE is a born and raised idea with the energy of whoever visits this cozy corner in Cozumel, where warmth and friendliness meet surrounded by beauty and tastiness without it costing more than we can afford to value.

We care about every detail, inspired by a beautiful garden, we smile when the children that visit us take over the kiddie play area, we respect and receive every pet that wants to be part of our corner. Local artists and farmers are key pieces for the development of this concept.

Taste and health are unquestionable principles in the dishes we serve on your table, always with the idea that a good bite does not mean millions but big hearts and great taste of our chefs.

n this corner, at DIEZ CON QUINCE, love can be breathed through our coffee, seen in every wall, heard in our kitchen, felt in our palates and appreciated in our pockets.

We do not pretend what we are not, we do not wear masks, we are transparent, home people, working people, people who share this excellent option of making you feel at home.

Talent has no boundaries, so our international chef Matea Hernández and our local cook Naybi Canul Cocom want to welcome you to this culinary experience.


Crew Members


We have a special, cozzy, air conditioned with free hi speed WiFi connection, chat room designed specially for our fellow crew memebers.

All crew members have special discount at DIEZ CON QUINCE.

We know how short your hours are, send us your shopping list a day before and it will be ready for only $5 extra bucks.

Missing home? Send us your menu request along with the recipee and let us know how big your party is and we will have it ready for you and your friends.

PACKAGE DELIVERY. If you need a package to be delivered to another crew member form another ship that arrives to Cozumel a few days after you do, please, let us know, we can help!!

Feel free to use our "Fuzzy Corner Board" to leave messages to your fellow crew members.

You need a massage? Let us know 24 hours before your arrival, we´ll have it ready for you at only $30 USD for an hour of total relax while your lunch is ready.

Ask for our menu of the day we always have a delicious vegetarian option available.

Where is this again??? DIEZ CON QUINCE ask your taxi driver. it is both, our name AND address.


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